Our City Our Energy is an APP that allows public administrations and organizations to achieve great levels of transparency regarding energy and water supplies. The app shows, in a simple way to see and understand, the consumption and costs of these supplies in municipal buildings and facilities.

How does it work?
The operation is very simple. The consumption data is regularly updated in a database (for example, once a month) according to the invoices of the different supplies (electricity, gas, diesel, water, etc.) by the administration’s department in charge of the supplies. The new data is incorporated to historical consumption and the data and graphs shown in the mobile application are updated accordingly.

Which does it show?
Once the desired city, administration or organization is selected, the possible options to select and watch are the following:

  • Total Cost
  • Electricity, gas, diesel, water and all the supply data which the authorities show in the tool.
  • Data for each facility.
  • CO2 emissions
  • Suggestions

Energy consumption affects practically all the activities carried out in a modern society.  How we produce, manage and consume energy affects the quality of life, employment, economy, access to basic rights and therefore the quality of life of people and the quality of the environment that holds life.

The serious environmental context that we must face (climate change, environmental contamination, loss of biodiversity, etc.) requires an energy model based on energy saving, efficient use of energy and clean energy sources. The enormous challenge forces us to disruptive social changes in order to cut off the huge energy waste on which our society of hyper-consumerism is based.

Due to these reasons and the severity of climate change, an effort by every one of us to activate society in such strategic area is urgently required.

IN2 and Ecooo, with the collaboration of the Rubí Brilla Project, join forces to solve these problems and bring a solution with the help of a software package that helps tracking of energy costs and consumption, and consists in management software build for public administrations and an APP for public use to communicate, raise awareness and involve society in these changes.


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